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Duet Ditta Kristy dan Shella - Thinking of You (Katy Perry) [Bootcamp]

Copyright: X Factor Indonesia

Episode 4 Bootcamp X Factor Indonesia 2015 - RCTI
Juri dan Komentator: Kang Afgan, Papa Beby, Om Ahmad Dhani
Waktu Siar: Jum'at 1 Mei 2015

Peserta Audisi: Ditta Kristy Vs. Shella
Judul Lagu: Thinking of You (Katy Perry)

Lirik Lagu Thinking Of You

Comparisons Are Easily Done
Once You've Had A Taste Of Perfection
Like An Apple Hanging From A Tree
I Picked The Ripest One
I Still Got The Seed


You Said Move On
Where Do I Go
I Guess Second Best
Is All I Will Know


Cause When I'm With Him
I Am Thinking Of You
Thinking Of You
What You Would Do If
You Were The One
Who Was Spending The Night
Oh I Wish That I
Was Looking Into Your Eyes


You're Like An Indian Summer
In The Middle Of Winter
Like A Hard Candy
With A Surprise Center
How Do I Get Better
Once I've Had The Best
You Said There's
Tons Of Fish In The Water
So The Waters I Will Test


He Kissed My Lips
I Taste Your Mouth
He Pulled Me In
I Was Disgusted With Myself


You're The Best
And Yes I Do Regret
How I Could Let Myself
Let You Go
Now The Lesson's Learned
I Touched It I Was Burned
Oh I Think You Should Know

Looking Into Your Eyes
Looking Into Your Eyes
Oh Won't You Walk Through
And Bust In The Door
And Take Me Away
Oh No More Mistakes
Cause In Your Eyes I'd Like To Stay

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